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The Premise

So I’ve been tossing around an idea for a video game and I find myself having the time and the excuse to execute on it. The idea for the game is rather simple. A bunch of Koi Fish in a pond, tackling each other, frantically trying to knock each other out of the pond. I’m for sure going to use GameMaker Studio 2 to build this out and I’m most likely going to utilize the physics system that comes built in so tackles look realistic. I’ll also want to have a camera dynamically follow all of the action

The calm, majestic, and mesmerizing nature of a Koi Fish


Perverted into a near nude sport of dominance

What I Got Done Today

So for the first night of working on the game I got the basic game pad input working with a physics fish (which drives kinda like a car) and while working on it began to think about how the body gonna move (the bending with turns as they do in the GIF above). What I ended up doing is make the main body generate a series of points where the rest of the body would lag behind. Later on I can skin the remainder of the body but for now I settled for a wire frame.

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