Thanks for checking out my website, feel free to reach out at and check out my current project, Super Hamster Havoc on Soulcade Interactive’s website

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Super Hamster Havoc

2D Arena Shooter for PC, Console, and Mobile

Beyond Bermuda

3rd Person Island Hopping Survival Game on an alien world

Star Fighter

A Space Based VR Wave Shooter for the Oculus Quest


Mobile Platforming game about finding color


Controller Visualizer

Tool for creating controller maps for documentation

Super Hamster Havoc Level Editor

A level editor for Super Hamster Havoc

Beyond Bermuda Knowledgebase

A knowledgebase I developed and maintained for programmers/designers 

Prototypes/Other works:

RNG Racer

A multiplayer racing game with procedurally generated tracks

Sumo Koi Fish

A prototype for a “fish bumper car” game

Me, Myself, and I

A Ludem Dare 40 Entry

Super GDK Maker

A platformer maker that was made for a intro to game design workshop

Bit Miner

An idle game about mining bitcoins

Mobile Joystick Asset

A set of joysticks for mobile input