Thanks for checking out my website, feel free to reach out at and check out my current project, Super Hamster Havoc on Soulcade Interactive’s website

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Super Hamster Havoc

2D Arena Shooter for PC, Console, and Mobile

Beyond Bermuda

3rd Person Survival Game on an alien world


Mobile Platforming game about finding color


Controller Visualizer

Tool for creating controller maps for documentation

Super Hamster Havoc Level Editor

A level editor for Super Hamster Havoc

Beyond Bermuda Knowledgebase

A knowledgebase I developed and maintained for programmers/designers 

Prototypes/Other works:

Mobile Joystick Asset

A set of joysticks for mobile input

Bit Miner

An idle game about mining bitcoins

RNG Racer

A multiplayer racing game with procedurally generated tracks

Me, Myself, and I

A Ludem Dare 40 Entry

Sumo Koi Fish

A prototype for a “fish bumper car” game

Super GDK Maker

A platformer maker that was made for a intro to game design workshop