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Beyond Bermuda

An stylized open world survival game | September 2019 - April 2020

Project Description:

Beyond Bermuda is a third-person action survival sandbox. The player crafts weapons, tools, rafts, and shelters using materials found natively to this planet to combat the hostile conditions the world exists in. The player fends off predators and hunts for prey using crafted weapons. The player traverses the sea between different islands using rafts they craft.


Contributions To The Project:

  • Served as the creative director for the project
  • Developed a knowledge base for the development of the game
  • Designed and developed a world generation system
  • Developed the initial player movement, melee combat, mining, and inventory systems
  • Developed buoyancy functionality based on responding to material driven waves
  • Developed sailing functionality
  • Developed an extendible Crafting Station base class
  • Developed a building/placement system

Working in a larger team, for a longer period of time:

While I have lead teams of people before, this project was a first for me in terms of the size of the team (17 as of Spring 2020) and scope. When developing a game with a smaller team with broader skill sets, communication is much easier both in linguistics and finding time to do so, whereas, in larger teams, the bulk of communication is much more asynchronous and time-consuming in trying to convey ideas both accurately and to all relevant parties which makes meetings and extensive documentation on things a MUST as things can/will become disorderly and create creative dissonance between the efforts of individuals on your team. This prompted me to make a knowledge base that documented some of the common general questions that came up, along with writeups on how features were implemented, and how designers can create content with the provided tools.


Developing a survival game with a randomly generated world. With an ending in mind:

One of the requirements placed on the project by our executive sponsor was a 30-45 minute critical path time for completion, which at first felt restricting (as the survival game genre isn’t well known for how well such games end) but provided the opportunity to develop a world generation system with a critical path time in mind.

A map that shows how the world generation system works

The world of Beyond Bermuda is composed of a starting island where the player spawns, sets of islands generated on “circular tiers” that increase in difficulty the further away the tiers are from the starting island, and the rift which represents the end goal of the player.

Project Role:

Creative Director, Technical Designer


Unreal Engine 4

Project Duration:

September 2019 – April 2020