Beyond Bermuda

A stylized open world survival game

About Beyond Bermuda:

Beyond Bermuda is a third-person action survival sandbox. The player crafts weapons, tools, rafts, and shelters using materials found natively to the planet to combat the hostile conditions the world exists in. The player fends off predators and hunts for pray using crafted weapons. The player traverses the sea between islands using the rafts they craft.

My work on Beyond Bermuda:

Contributions To The Project:

  • Coordinated the efforts of a multi-disciplinary team towards a singular creative vision
  • Developed the initial player controller (movement, melee combat, mining, and inventory systems)
  • Designed and developed a world generation system
  • Developed a crafting system
  • Developed a building system

Project Role:

Creative Director, Gameplay Programmer


Unreal Engine


September 2019 – May 2019