Hello My Name is Nabil Sekirime And I'm a Game Developer

About ME

Nabil Sekirime is the gameplay programmer/founder of Soulcade Interactive, and currently working on Super Hamster Havoc, a local /online multiplayer arena shooter for PC and Console where hamsters are the dominant species on Earth. He is responsible for the programming and design of the title.

My Work

A Western Battle Royale

A Multiplayer 2D Twin-Stick Shooter

A stylized open world survival game

A mixed reality experience where you hunt ghosts

A Space VR Arcade Shooter

A Mobile First Platformer


An online multiplayer survival crafting game jam game

A top down racing game with procedurally generated maps

Bumper Carts Meets Smash Bros

A 2D Sandbox Platformer

A 2D Platformer Level Editor