The Haunting of Olivia

A mixed reality experience where you hunt ghosts

About The Haunting of Olivia:

An otherworldly immersive mixed reality experience.

You are cordially invited to experience a most chilling open house! Armed with Steamroller Technologies’ newest tech, the Specter Detector TM, you’ll come face to face with Olivia, the ghost of Bordeaux Estates. Once a beautiful magician’s assistant who tragically fell in love with her employer, Olivia haunts his former residence, tormenting visitors.

This remarkable immersive mixed reality experience utilizing lighting, sound, and motion platform technology will awaken your senses as you encounter a soul who’s not yet quite ready to leave this world for the next.

The Haunting of Olivia debuted at IAAPA, in Orlando, November 15-19, 2021.

My work on The Haunting of Olivia:

  • Wrote a plugin UDP/TCP messenger plugin with full blueprint support and utility functions for building buffers and casting most types into byte arrays
  • Wrote a plugin for controlling proprietary motion platforms with Unreal and allowing animators to drive them with animation curves from Maya
  • Wrote a lightweight server for dispatching events to all IOT devices in the hardware stack of the experience
  • Wrote a sequence player for the experience that allows you to easily play, pause, and scrub between events in the experience
  • Developed a web interface for controlling the entire Haunting of Olivia experience

Project Role:



Unreal Engine 4


2020 – 2021