An online multiplayer survival crafting game jam game

About GRIME:

GRIME is an online open world survival game that players can enjoy with friends. Collect resources to build weapons and craft recipes. Alien slimes drop valuable loot that can be used for recipes. Build stronger weapons to farm more resources. Rise and GRIME and survive with friends. uses the Null Online Subsystem so it is restricted to LAN play

My work on GRIME:

On the heels of getting familiar with networking in Unreal with my work on Super Hamster Havoc and The Haunting of Olivia, I decided to push myself by making a multiplayer game for the Indie Galactic Space Jam and won 2nd place. I was able to complete the following

  • Basic character controller with movement, melee, inventory, stats, and taunts
  • Simple enemy AI with drops
  • Mineable resources
  • A data table driven crafting system

Project Role:



Unreal Engine 4