A 2D Sandbox Platformer

About Eden:

Eden is a 2D Sandbox Platform with basebuilding, procedurally generated 2D worlds, day-night cycles, spellcasting, and enemies

My work on Eden:

Eden was the first game that I worked on for an extended period of time. I originally was inspired by Minecraft and wanted to develop a 2D version of the game. Below is a set of features and contributions I made to this project.

  • Platform Player Controller
  • Procedural generation: A 2D terrain generation system that included biomes, underground caves, different trees, and enemies/enemy spawners
  • Enemies: Various enemies such as feral wolves, hostile explosive monsters, and undead skeletons
  • Spells: The ability to cast projectile spells and level them up to make them more destructive
  • Day/Night Cycles
  • Sandbox Building

Project Role:



Gamemaker Studio 8.1


2013 – 2014