GRIT Battle Royale

A Western Battle Royale

About GRIT Battle Royale:

Ride or die in the ultimate wild west battle royale, where there’s more to winning than aiming true. Saddle up and ride across town, building the best poker hand from found weapons to make a killing. Grab the best shooter to-hand and gun your way to infamy on the new frontier.

My work on GRIT Battle Royale:

  • Worked on game play-end of consumable items system (Buying items in the menu that you drop with on match start)
  • Implemented a reporting system
  • Implemented server-wide and player specific announcements
  • Implemented players being able to see each other in the main menu lobby
  • Worked on networking/replication bugs
  • Provided programming support to the UI team

Consumable System

Lobby Replication

Server Wide Announcements



Project Role:

Gameplay Programmer


Unreal Engine 4


2022 – 2023