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Touch & Drag “catapult” platformer | 2019 - Current

Project Description:

Squared² is a game about traversing overly difficult levels under the constant ridicule of a quirky narrator that was developed for Android and iOS


Designing the controls of Squared²:

Squared² is a game that I developed to explore the idea of platforming on a touch screen device, with the controls being comprised of gestures that are natural and intuitive to the phone screens rather than failed emulations of traditional controllers. This objective then lead me to make the controls a click and drag “impulse-based slinging” of the player through space and using the convention of visualizing the trajectory with dots to communicate to the player the potential outcome of when they let go. This made the game very easy to pick up, with players typically picking up the controls in less than a minute.

Animated GIF


Project Role:

Gameplay Programmer


Gamemaker Studio 2

Project Duration:

2019 – Current